Product List

  • Locks Hardware
  • Cement
  • Waterproofers
  • Polymer Coatings
  • Concrete Aids
  • Grouts & Grouting Compounds
  • Floor Coating
  • Flooring Compound
  • Epoxy Compound & Mortar
  • Shotcrete Accelerators
  • Bonding Material
  • Tile & Structural Adhesives
  • Membrane
  • Sealants

Welcome to Jeet Hardware

Jeet Hardware is located in Rudrapur City. The mission of Jeet Hardware is to offer quality hardware products in a customer-friendly shopping environment. Jeet Hardware will also focus on anticipating the seasonal needs of its customers and providing the best products at competitive prices.

Through the use of a selection of hardware goods, superior personal customer attention, and reasonable prices, jeet Hardware will capitalize on this incredible opportunity.

Our Brands:

  • Harrison Lock

  • Ramson Lock

  • Link Lock

  • CICO Group

  • ACC Cement

  • Godrej Lock